Smoke-free homes and cars

Homes and Cars

The following information is for families on the benefits of smoke-free homes

Second-hand smoke

Do you know what second hand smoke is?

Second smoke is smoke that you breathe in from other people’s smoking. It can be blown out from a smokers mouth or drift from the end of a burning cigarette, pipe or cigar.

Why should you worry about it?

When tobacco smoke disappears into the air it’s easy to forget about it but unfortunately smoke is very good at hiding.

Here are some facts about second-hand smoke

  • 85% of second-hand smoke is invisible so waving it away from children and those around you is pointless
  • The chemicals in second-hand smoke cling to everything. Clothes, food, walls carpets and even dust. They are there to stay too. Sometimes for months after a cigarette has been stubbed out.
  • Second-hand smoke wont just stay in one room. It will quickly spread to other rooms even if you open a window or close the door.
  • Children can actually breathe in, the equivalent of around 150 cigarettes a year when adults smoke around them. Quite a thought. Isn’t it?

How can you keep your family safe?

If you are a smoker, the best way to protect your family from second hand smoke is by promising to make your family home and car smoke-free. Some people like to smoke outside but they say that it can be dificult or many reasons.

Why not take the Smoke free homes Challenge? 4 steps 4 promises

You can choose from:

Bronze – We promise to only smoke in one room in the home an never in the car

Silver – We promise to only smoke in one room ONLY when the children aren’t around and never smoke in the family car.

Gold – We promise to never smoke in the home or family car.

Diamond – We promise to never smoke in the home or family car AND get support to quit smoking.

If you would like some advice and a FREE pack to get you started please call Smoke-Free-Homes or email us with your name and address and we will send you your FREE pack.

Smoke-Free Homes Pack CALL 08457 573 077

What else can you do?

Once your home and car is smoke-free you may want to take it a step further. Living in a smoke-free home can actually make quitting easier. An article about Madison Addams from Alness provides an insight to this idea. For help and support to stop smoking, call the local Smoke Free Highland Service on 0845 757 3077 or contact your local advisor.

You can also request a FREE Home Safety Fire Check by visiting the Scottish fire and Rescue website, text “FIRE” to 80800, call 0800 0731 999 or contact your local Fire Station.